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Triumph was founded 13 years ago, initially focusing on clinical systems implementation. Since those beginnings, we’ve evolved into a highly experienced, highly capable, life-science specific professional services firm.

We work in the clinical trials industry, and this industry only.

Duncan Hall,

CEO and Founder

Duncan has over fifteen years of consultancy experience, thirteen of which have been within clinical R&D in both CRO and Pharma businesses. Duncan started Triumph in 2002 with the aim of building a global business which would be focused in improving the delivery, quality and value of clinical systems. Duncan now takes a primarily strategic role in Triumph, but still performs client delivery roles where possible.

Tammy Finnigan,


Tammy has more than fifteen years clinical research experience, having worked in both large Pharma and large CRO companies prior to joining Triumph. Her experience both in monitoring, and latterly managing clinical trials have ensured valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges the industry faces and how to address those from a corporate and end user perspective.

Chad Finch,


Chad has fourteen years of experience in the clinical industry with much of that being focused on CTMS technical design, development and integration. Chad has been instrumental in both the design and development of the systems we have developed and remains involved in ensuring each product delivery is a success.

Neil Watkins,


With more than twenty years of consultancy experience, Neil has been instrumental in the successful growth and development of a number of professional services organisations. Previous roles include the Finance Director for a UK based change, project and program management consultancy.

Kendal Quinn,

Global Head of BD

Kendal is responsible for sales, development, revenue growth, strategy and deployment. Kendal has fifteen years of sales and business development experience. Prior to joining Triumph, Kendal held senior management positions for two private firms where he developed emerging ERP territories from the ground to multi-million dollar practices.