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Welcome to Triumph’s blog page, “Trials and Tribulations”.

We intend this to be a light-hearted, but informative view on what’s going on in the world of clinical development.

27th March 2015

The concept of centralising the management and tracking of multiple clinical trials has been around for more than 15 years now. With all that wealth of experience as an industry, we should be learning from our mistakes. Sadly the reality is we still often make the same costly mistakes over and over again. So here are some pitfalls to watch out for with your next CTMS or clinical system implementation.….

5 Common CTMS Mistakes Blog - CTMS Mistakes MAKING TRIALS BETTER, TOGETHER The industry's hottest topics?

23rd Jan 2015

As a provider of professional services related to clinical trial improvement, we recently polled our customers and contacts as to what they would most like to hear more about as part of a planned program of 'lunch and learn' events…..

31st March 2015

Observations from the CBI’s RBM West conference last week. Where are we at as an industry and where are we focusing our attentions?

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Blog - Training Webinar

4th March 2015

With the ISO IDMP regulations now expected to be in place in less than 18 months time, companies wishing to market products in ICH regions need to have answers to three key questions in the very near future……

Blog - Training Webinar Are you ready for IDMP?

19th May 2015

Clinical systems training - where and why is it failing? How do we fix it?

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