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What are the industry’s hot topics?

23rd Jan 2015

Duncan Hall, CEO Triumph

As a provider of professional services related to clinical trial improvement, we recently polled our customers and contacts as to what they would most like to hear more about as part of a planned program of 'lunch and learn' events.

We wanted to share the results and ask you if you would be interested in any of the below, or if there are topics you'd like to add to the list. I have ordered the list in terms of the number of people who wanted to learn more about the topics, the first item being the one that got the most interest. Please reply to the post and let us know your thoughts as it will allow us to be more targeted in the information we share and the research we do. Thank you.


1 - Implementation of performance and quality metrics

2 - Integrating external data with internal systems

3 - Business process optimization

4 - Integration between clinical systems

5 - Data mart / data warehouse development and implementation


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