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Complimentary Webinar


Clinical Systems Training: 

Where and why is it failing?  

How do we fix it?  

19th May  2015

Duncan Hall, CEO Triumph

Join us on 11 June, from 11am-12pm EST / 8am-9am PST / 4pm-5pm GMT

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Are you struggling to gain real value from training?

More than ever before, there are more options available in how we train our users in the use of clinical systems- yet many companies still struggle to get real value from training.  Systems support costs remain high, user frustration drives locally developed workarounds, system compliance is low and operational data quality can be poor.


These are all typical symptoms of a failed training capability.


So why is this, and what can we do about it? 


Join us as we look into the results of recent industry wide learning and development surveys to help understand the causes of these issues and respond by providing valuable insight into what a successful training program should look like, and how to determine the most effective training method, or combination of methods for your business.  



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Speaker:  Becky Read,

Sr. Training Consultant, Triumph

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