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How do we ensure compliance and consistency across all studies whilst also driving performance improvements?

How do we upgrade our Siebel CTMS implementation without losing our valuable data and customizations?

How do we get value from Triumph’s experience, whilst using our internal IT and business resources, on our clinical IT projects?

How do we transition from a spreadsheet based approach to resource management to an enterprise PSA solution?

How do we replace a highly tailored legacy CTMS with an off the shelf system? What are the highest priority configurations?

How do we choose the most appropriate clinical systems for our business and get the implementation support we need?

How do we structure our business and IT teams to work as one unified team across multiple projects?

Triumph Case Study Top 10 CRO Clinical Performance 2013.pdf Case Study - Large Global CRO - CTMS Upgrade.pdf Case Study - Large Global Pharma - CTMS Business Lead and Solution Architect roles.pdf Case Study - European Phase 1 Clinic - Business Improvement Approach.pdf Case Study - Large Global Pharma - Program Team Restructure.pdf Case Study - Large Global CRO - CTMS Implementation.pdf

Why publish case studies?


Triumph continually strives to innovate, create and deliver for our clients. With that said, we do find that many of our clients are faced with common industry problems and therefore our experience can be applied directly, and appropriate solutions developed quickly and efficiently.

If any of the challenges we have helped our customers overcome are familiar to your organization, then we hope that our case studies will either help direct you to the ideal solution, or give you the confidence to engage with Triumph.

If you don’t see your current challenges represented here then don't worry - Triumph has the breadth and depth of experience to define a solution that will ensure you meet your strategic goals.    

How do we move from ad-hoc spreadsheet trial management, to consistent, validated trial management?

Case Study - Small CRO CTMS Accelerator Implementation.pdf

How do we define strategies for Validation, Training and Support for our upcoming CTMS implementation?

Case Study - Large Pharma CTMS Strategy.pdf

How do we determine where best to tailor our clinical systems to make sure our business process is fully supported?

Case Study - Mid Sized CRO CTMS Implementation.pdf Case Study - Small Academic CRO – Siebel CTMS Implementation and Upgrade.pdf

How do we use the opportunity of an upgrade to enhance system functionality at the same time?

Case Study - Large Global Pharma - CTMS Matrix Project.pdf

How do we define our desired future state and ensure we have the right clinical systems in place to support that state?

How do we define who is responsible for tracking what, when and where in our clinical systems?

Case Study - Large Global CRO - Strategic, Capability and Process Components Projects.pdf